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An Update for the Ambulatory Pediatrician

edited by Donald E Greydanus (Michigan State University, USA), Dilip R Patel (Michigan State University, USA), Vinay N Reddy (Michigan State University, USA), Arthur N Feinberg (Michigan State University, USA), & Hatim A Omar (University of Kentucky, USA)

This concise handbook provides an update on topics in general pediatrics for general pediatricians in practice. It focuses on ambulatory pediatrics and includes topics dealing with newborns, children, and adolescents. The general format covers common topics in general pediatrics with a brief definition, brief epidemiology, brief review of symptomatology, brief discussion of approach to the topic, and then provides an emphasis on management of the condition/disorder being reviewed.

The book also provides valuable information in areas that may not have been included in the general pediatrician's education but are very important for his/her successful practice. These include adolescent medicine, behavioral-developmental pediatrics, sports medicine, and gynecology. It is written and edited for the audience �?busy general pediatricians with knowledge of these topics but in need of a guide for au courant management to assist them in their practices.

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Readership: General pediatricians in office-based practice, pediatric residents and medical students studying pediatrics.
Pub. date: May 2010
eISBN: 9789814280501
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